Diamond Sintered Continuous Rim - Smooth Cutting - Lapidary Saw Blade

Diameter: 14"
Prix réduit$350.00 CAD


Description: This is a high end USA lapidary blade. It has a relatively thin kerf and sintered diamond 5mm deep. It is very comparable to the 303 blade, and leaves such a nice finish, there is less grinding and sanding to do on large cut faces. If you plan on polishing the slabs or cuts you take from this saw, you will be very happy. The continuous rim reduces chipping.

Made In: USA

Blade Thickness: 
True Diameter: 
Arbor Hole: 
25mm. Comes with bushing to reduce arbor hole to 19mm.
Blade Weight: 1.17kg 

Quantity: 1 Piece

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