Beta Quartz - Minerals

Size: Small
Quality: Standard
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Mined from: Indonesia

DescriptionBeta quartz is also known as "high quartz" and can be found in Indonesian West Java where they, in a volcanic area, have been able to grow under a high temperature. Typical for these crystals is the double pyramid shape. In addition to the crystalline properties found in Quartz, Beta Quartz Crystal is a wonderful crystal tool used for both dowsing and divining. Beta Quartz Crystal provides clear directional information and responding to "all" questions.
Beta Quartz Crystal has been used in de-coding/encoding of patterns from dreams and visions. Beta Quartz Crystal opens up one to access the energies of the the mental plane assisting in creating a clear channel of communication from both the higher-self and the inner self. Beta Quartz Crystal tends to resonate with the energies of intuition and "knowing." Beta Quartz Crystal is a wonderful crystal manifestation tool as it facilitates a limitless range of avenues for exploration. They are also perfect for use in meditation.
Interestingly enough Beta quartz can only exist at temperatures above 573°C and forms a nice symmetrical hexagonal crystal structure. Beta quartz is not stable at room temperature and falls back to quartz. These crystals are therefore actually quartz crystals after they have been beta quartz crystals, However they do maintain the typical beta quartz shape.

Chemical CompositionSiO2

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Approximate Size of 1 Piece
: 5mm x 5mm x 5mm
Approximate Weight of 1 Piece: 1g

Approximate Size of 1 Piece
: 15mm x 15mm x 15mm 
Approximate Weight of 1 Piece: 4g

Quantity: 1pc

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