Birthstone Chart - Poster

Order Type: PDF only
Prix réduit$25.00 CAD


Description: This is a chart for birthstones made by our own graphic designer. the poster shows the modern and also traditional crystals for each month. Each stone is hand drawn, not photographed.

When purchased, you will receive a non watermarked version.

Dimensions: 36inch x 24inch
File Size
: 117MB
File Type: PDF

Quantity: 1 Chart

Purchase of the PDF version of this poster is for personal use and or display within a business only. The purchaser does not have rights to resell the  digital graphic or prints from it in any way shape or form. Rubble Rock and Gem Ltd reserves the right to sales of all digital versions, and the pdf graphic may ONLY be resold for commercial purposes if it was originally purchased as a print version from Rubble Rock and Gem Ltd.

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