Black Upright Steel Slab Stand - Display

Size: Large
Prix réduit$12.50 CAD


Description: These Black Steel Slab Stands are made of steel, and painted black. The metal can be bent to lean back and hold larger items. I do not recommend bending repeatedly.

With strong enough cutters, the backs of the stands can be clipped down lower, but this is seldom necessary as most stones that fit on it will cover the back posts.

Made In: Indonesia

Width: 7cm Depth: 4.5cm Height: 7cm
Weight: 20g

Width: 8cm Depth: 8cm Height: 10cm
Weight: 30 

Width: 11cm Depth: 11cm Height: 13cm
Weight: 80

Width: 12cm Depth: 14cm Height: 14cm
Weight: 90

Material: Steel, painted black

Pieces: 1 piece

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