Black Tourmaline - Pendant

Shape: Short
Prix réduit$25.00 CAD


How Its Made: Black tourmaline is an attractive stone that suits all genders. Its a clean looking, simple pendant. The caps are sterling silver. They are made in mass production, so you do get what you pay for. Sometimes the jump rings aren't soldered shut, or the cap isn't glued on to the stone as well as it should be. It's just the compromise for the low price of these gem tourmaline pendants. 9/10 pieces hold up just fine though. 

Country of Manufacture: Pakistan

Stone Type: Black Tourmaline
Metal Type: Sterling Silver

Care: Oxidized sterling silver can be wiped with a jewelry polishing cloth. The plated version should not be abraded, as this will cause the plating to wear off. Gently use hand soap and warm water to clean if necessary.

Pieces Made:
Sterling: 2019    1/30pcs
Plated: 2019    1/30pcs

Weight: 3g
Dimensions: H: 4cm x W: 6cm x D: 6cm

All Rubble Rock and Gem Pendants over $35 include a free silver plated chain.
If you would like a solid silver or gold chain, please see our chain section here.

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