Brandberg Amethyst Point - Specimen

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Mined from: Xoboxobos, Brandberg District, Namibia

Description: Brandberg amethyst is a mix of Smokey quartz and amethyst. It is prized because of how many cool features it has, such as key slots, sceptering, and hematite inclusions. They also come double terminated and often have enhydros. It is one of my favourite varieties of amethyst because of how much is going on with it.

Amethyst is the birthstone of February. It is a very powerful stone of protection and transformation. It helps with stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and is an aid for addiction. It is also a very spiritual stone. Good for meditation, psychic awareness, and spiritual wisdom.

Chemical Composition: SiO₂

Chakra: Crown

Approximate Size for 1 piece: 6.5cm x 4cm x 3.5cm 
Approximate Weight for 1 piece: 80g

Quantity: 1pc

With this product, you will get the actual stone in the photograph. We do what we can to buy good quality products and price them honestly. The rocks may differ from the photos, but we hope we do them justice

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