Cedar & Sweetgrass - 8" Smudge Stick

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Origin: USA

Description: This smudge stick is a blend of cedar and sweetgrass. 
Cedar trees are old, powerful and wise. Cedar is used for cleansing your home or office when first moving in, inviting spirits that are unwanted to leave and providing protection for people or that space from unwanted influences. Cedar works to attract good energy into spaces and as a purifier.
Sweetgrass has been known to attract positive energies and good spirits. Sweetgrass symbolizes peace, spirituality, and healing. Sweetgrass is used for purifying auras, clearing negative energy, and cleansing objects. 

Approximate size for 1 stick: 21cm x 4cm x 4cm  (8inch long)
Approximate weight for 1 stick: 75g

Quantity: 1 smudge stick

How to Use:
Light the tip of the stick and allow the flame to burn for a few seconds, before gently blowing it out.
2. Always burn over a heat-resistant dish to catch any of the loose embers.
3. Once the cedar blend stick is smouldering, you can then cleanse the environment as well as yourself.

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