Oregon Sunstone- Non Schiller - Rough

Price per: Gram
Prix réduit$0.40 CAD


Origin: Plush, Oregon, USA

Description: This is the standard yellow Oregon sunstone. None of these pieces will have schiller. I hounded most of them by wandering through the Oregon outback. It was a biblical experience for me and one of my favorite places to dig. I highly recommend the drive. It is worth it- the camping experience is awestriking. That being said... facet these beauties' or make little cabs. they are relatively clean.

Chemical Composition: 32% albite (NaAlSi3O8) and 68% anorthite (CaAl2Si2O8).
Grade: Semi Precious
Appearance: Transparent

Cracks: Minimal- Some pieces might have one crack, but almost all are crack free.
Mineral: Minimal/ None - this material is very clean

Cost per Gram: $0.40
Size approximately: 24mm x 17mm x 8mm
Weight range: 2-12g

Rough is rough. We do our best to grade and describe pieces in the lot, but ultimately, they all differ.

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