Dino Poop - Coprolite - Fossil

Size: Mini
Quality: Standard
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Origin: Besiboko, Mahajanga in Madagascar. 

Genus: These poops could be from a dino... but most likely a smaller lizard, or turtle, etc. We can't guarantee who's poop it was from back in the day (what animal)- but we can guarantee it was age of the dinosaurs.
Period: Eocene

Coprolites are quite rare because they tend to decay rapidly, but when they are found, they are most commonly found among sea organisms.
Analyzing coprolites, it is possible to infer the diet of the animal which produced them.
Coprolites are composed of pulverized indigestible remnants of the organism's food, such as portions of scales, bones, teeth or shells.

Approximate size of 1 piece: 60mm x 37mm x 25mm
Approximate weight of 1 piece: 66g

Quantity: 1pc

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