Foredom #30 Handpiece - Machine Part

Prix réduit$50.00 CAD


Description: The Foredom #30 is like the gold standard for hand pieces. It has zero electrical inside, unlike the dremel. just two bearings that stabilize the cable motion and translate it cleanly into the bit held at the front by a jocob's chuck.

The beauty of the jacob's chuck on a flex shaft is that you don't have to take the whole front housing apart the way you do on a collet system. These are comfortable to work with and open up to accept bits ranging from 0.5mm to 4mm.

They are meant to be able to work in extreme environments- meaning full of sawdust, or wet, etc. They are hardy- that's what I'm trying to say. They really are the best design in my opinion.

Made In: China

Number #30 Hand piece
Diameter: 25mm
Overall Length: 140mm
weight: 156g

Jacobs Chuck
Diameter: 24mm
Overall Length: 103mm
weight: 40g

Quantity: one #30 handpiece and one chuck key

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