Goopies w Stone Stud - Earring

Stone Type: Tsavorite (Green)
Prix réduit$80.00 CAD


Description: To make these studs, I take all my silver scraps, melt them in a crucible and pour them into violently moving water. Upon contact, the droplets of molten silver solidify instantaneously. I take out all the pellets and pick the unique shaped ones. From there, I add solder on and prep stone settings. Next is molding them to make a pair so you can show them off. 
Using high quality stones is what sets these studs apart. The smaller gem stones get, the less color they often contain. The lower quality stones are often opaque. So, to keep the chromatic colour and clarity sparkling- it takes top notch stones.

Designed in: Vancouver, British Columbia
Designer: Broken Ox Creations
Year of Release: 2023
Metal Type: Sterling Silver
Stone Type:
Option 1: Tsavorite Garnet (Green)
Option 2: Cornflower Blue Sapphire Sri Lanka

Weight (pair w backings): 0.9g
Dimensions(one stud w backing)
: 13.2mm x 5.2mm x 5.2mm

Quantity: 1 pair (Backings Included)

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