Assorted Hard Pressed Felt - 100 pc Set

Prix réduit$50.00 CAD


Product Title: Assorted sizes of Hard Pressed Felt Points for Polishing. Mix of Cylinder and Bullet.

Tips & Tricks: Hard Pressed felt is one of the best ways to polish a gemstone. They are long lasting and hold the charge well. The felt can be reshaped to the shape you need. I often run a point inside a ball burr mark until it wears down to a round head and it can be used over and over to polish the same size divot.

Charge the felt bobs with diamond paste, or another variety of polish/ abrasive.

Made In: China

Head Diameter: 3mm, 5mm and 8mm

Shaft Diameter2.9mm

Overall Length43mm

Case Size13cm x 12.5cm x 5.5cm

Pieces: Case of 100pcs

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