Core Drill - Lapidary Hole Saw

Size: 3mm
Quantity: 5pcs
Prix réduit$10.00 CAD


Description: Core Drills are best suited for a drill press and are great for hollowing out the inside of stone ring shanks, as well as making large bead holes. These are diamond plated, and all hollow tube. I like this variety, because when the stone cores break off inside the bit, its no big deal. I push them out from the opposite end with a welding rod and the tube stock is cleared to keep drilling.

Made In: China

Drill Bit Size: 3mm 
Shaft Diameter: 2.4mm
Overall Length: 50.3mm

Drill Bit Size
: 4mm 
Shaft Diameter: 3.5mm
Overall Length: 50mm

Drill Bit Size: 5mm 
Shaft Diameter: 4.5mm
Overall Length: 50mm

Drill Bit Size: 6mm 
Shaft Diameter: 5.4mm
Overall Length: 50.9mm

Drill Bit Size: 8mm 
Shaft Diameter: 5.3mm
Overall Length: 51.2mm

Drill Bit Size: 10mm 
Shaft Diameter: 6.2mm
Overall Length: 51.5mm

Drill Bit Size: 12mm 
Shaft Diameter: 6.7mm
Overall Length: 51.3mm

Drill Bit Size: 13mm 
Shaft Diameter: 6.4mm
Overall Length: 50.2mm

Drill Bit Size: 14mm 
Shaft Diameter: 6.4mm
Overall Length: 50.6mm

Drill Bit Size: 50mm 
Shaft Diameter: 8.3mm
Overall Length: 50.3mm

Quantity: 5, 2 or 1 piece (depending on drill bit size)

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