Libyan Desert Glass - Mineral Specimen

Prix réduit$1,750.00 CAD


Mined from: Eastern Sahara, in the deserts of eastern Libya and western Egypt

Description: Libyan Desert Glass is a nearly pure silica tektite that was believed to have been created by a meteorite impact 26 million years ago. Libyan Desert Glass is highly transformative and spiritual. It is powerful for manifestation, protects the aura, and helps you reconnect to ancient wisdom. 

Chemical Composition: SiO2

Chakra: Third Eye & Solar Plexus 

Size: 7cm x 6.5cm x 5.5cm 
Weight: 175g

Quantity: 1pc

With this product, you will get the actual stone in the photograph. We do what we can to buy good quality products and price them honestly. The rocks may differ from the photos, but we hope we do them justice.

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