Rose - Pendant

Metal Type: Sterling Silver Plated w 24kt Gold & Black Rhodium
Prix réduit$225.00 CAD


Description: Hand Formed Sterling Silver Rose pendant that hangs at a 45 degree. Plated in Black Rhodium and Gold

Designed in: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Designer: Broken Ox Creations
Year of Release: 2019

Stone Type: None
Metal Type: 
Option 1: Sterling Silver Plated with Black Rhodium and 24kt Gold
Option 2: Sterling Silver (Oxidized)

How Its Made:  I use Modeling wax and a heated tool tip. Most of this rose is made with my fingers. Working the wax into shape and tacking it together with heat. I Mold it, and pour molten metal in the mold. Clean it up, And give you the beautiful rose you see here.

Dimensions: L: 2.4cm  x  W: 3.1cm  x  D: 1.2cm
Weight: 6.6g

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