Rubber Abrasive Wheel - Knife Edge - 5pcs

Grit: Extra Coarse (Black)
Prix réduit$10.00 CAD


Made In: China 

LAPIDARY: Phenomenal for smoothing a stone. These will take a stone from rough grind scratches to ready pre-polish all in the same go. Do not mistake these for silicon, these are rubber which is much more durable. They work best on silicates and nephrite. Not so great on Feldspar. The rubber creates significant heat. This is totally fine so long as you work under a water drip the entire time. the knife edge wheels are great for sanding out channeling.
 run these dry, they will heat the stone rapidly. DO NOT dunk the hot stone in a water basin, it will shock the stone. These have significant longevity when it comes to sanding the gemstone. even on hard agates, they will last a half dozen stones or more each.  Mandrels required and sold separately.

METAL WORK: I use these in place of the expandable sanding drums on metal. they create significant heat build up, but I work under a water drip to keep the piece cool. They will smooth and blend areas rapidly. I use them to smooth out areas of my castings. They are great for the sanding stage, however silicon should be used for polishing metals such as silver, copper, brass and gold. My personal favorite for initial smoothing of stone and metal surfaces is Black (Extra Coarse).

Black: Extra Coarse (80/100 Grit)
Red: Coarse (100/150 Grit)
Green: Medium (220/700 Grit)
White: Fine (1400/5000 Grit)  

Diameter: 22mm
Depth: 3.2mm
Weight of 1 wheel: 1.8g

Material: Rubber

Quantity: Pack of 5 (mandrels not included)

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