Sardonyx - Tumble

Size: Large
Quality: Standard
Prix réduit$20.00 CAD


Mined from: China

Description: Sardonyx is a stone of strength and protection. Sardonyx enhances willpower and strengthens the personality, while increasing self-control as well as stamina. Sardonyx is good stone for studying due to it's ability to increase mental discipline and focus. Sardonyx helps fight off kidney infections, heals the immune system, relieves chronic back pain, and strengthens the function of the lungs.

Sardonyx is well recognized for it's unique displays of patterns and colours. Sardonyx has beautiful swirls of reds, oranges, black, and beige lines and circles. Each stone is entirely one of a kind.

Chemical Composition: SiO2

Chakra: Root

Approximate Size of 1 piece
: 2.5cm x 2cm x 1.5cm
Approximate Weight of 1 piece: 25g

Approximate Size of 1 piece
: 4.5cm x 3cm x 2cm
Approximate Weight of 1 piece: 45g

Quantity: 1pc

We do our best to buy quality products- although not every rock is the same. If you choose to purchase the "staff pick option", we will select the best of the batch for you. Otherwise, it will be at random from the larger batch we have in stock.

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