Septarian Nodule - Polished Face - Pair

Size: Small
Quality: Standard
Prix réduit$12.50 CAD


Mined from: Morocco

Description: Think of this as a mud ball, with cracks inside. The technical term is concretion (not mud ball). The cracks were filled with calcite (yellow) and aragonite (brown) giving them incredible patterns. Septarian is helpful in manifesting your desires as well as enhances patience. Septarian is great for public speaking because it enhances your ability to communicate with a group of people. Septarian reduces swelling, supports the kidneys, and boosts metabolism. 

Chemical Composition: CO3

Chakra: Root

Approximate Size for 1 piece: 35mm x 31mm 20mm
Approximate Weight for 1 piece: 33g

Approximate Size for 1 piece: 75mm x 70mm x 36mm
Approximate Weight for 1 piece: 275g

Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)

We do our best to buy quality products- although not every rock is the same. If you choose to purchase the "staff pick option", we will select the best of the batch for you. Otherwise, it will be at random from the larger batch we have in stock.

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