Solid Post Lapidary Drill Bit - Narrow & Long

Size: 0.8mm
Prix réduit$12.50 CAD


DescriptionLapidary Drill bits can drill stone, sea shell and glass.
The thin shaft on these bits allows them to penetrate into depths, but they aren't designed as well as deep drills for such a task.
Use water when Drilling. Drill bits are very different than burrs. Drill bits put a hole in things. Burrs carve. Use them accordingly.
Drill Bit Lifespan (Average): 5 to 20 holes each. In soft stone, expect 20 holes per bit. In agate, expect 5 holes per bit.
To drill longer distances, through thicker material than standard slabs (4mm)- use Deep Drills.
To drill holes larger than 3mm- see Core Drills. 
To prevent chipping upon entry- see Ultra Thin Drills

Made In: China

Shaft Diameter: 1.55mm
Overall Length: 50mm

Quantity: 1 Piece

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