Sowerbyella Rugosa (Brachiopod) - Fossil

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Mined from: Carroll County, Kentucky, USA

Era: Mississippian Period
Geological Age: 350 mya

Description: Sowerbyella Rugosa is a species of fossilized brachiopod, an ancient marine animal that lived during the Mississippian period, approximately 350 million years ago. Brachiopods are filter-feeding organisms that are characterized by their hard, hinged shells, which were used to protect their soft body parts.

Sowerbyella Rugosa is particularly common in the Mississippian limestone deposits of Kentucky, where it can be found in large numbers. This species of brachiopod is known for its distinctive, rugose shell texture, which is marked by prominent ridges and furrows that run perpendicular to the hinge line. These ridges and furrows helped to strengthen the shell and protect the animal inside.

The size of Sowerbyella Rugosa can vary, but they typically range from 5 to 15 millimeters in length. They were benthic organisms, meaning they lived on the bottom of the ocean floor, attached to rocks or other hard surfaces.

Sowerbyella Rugosa is one of the most common and well-known brachiopod species found in Kentucky, and it is often used as an index fossil for dating rocks and sediment layers from the Mississippian period. This is because Sowerbyella Rugosa had a relatively short lifespan, and it evolved rapidly, resulting in significant changes in its morphology over time. Therefore, the presence of Sowerbyella Rugosa in a particular rock layer can help geologists determine the relative age of the rocks and other fossils found in that layer.

Overall, Sowerbyella Rugosa is an important fossil species that provides valuable insights into the ancient marine ecosystems of the Mississippian period, and it remains a popular target for fossil collectors and enthusiasts in Kentucky and beyond

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