Bullet Point Diamond Burr - 5pc

Head Size: 1mm
Grit: 1200 grit
Sale price$20.00 CAD


Description: These 1200 grit diamond plated bullet point burrs are amazing. In crystalline stone, you can grind right into material for fine detail. The burrs will remove stock, and save you all the stages before. Immediately after this burr charge a hard felt with 1200 diamond paste, then 3000g diamond paste, and you're done. the gloss polish will be amazing. know that using this method dulls the bits much much faster, but saves significant amount of time- and prevents microchipping.

Made In: Russia

Head Size: 2.5mm
Shaft Diameter2.3mm
Overall Length45mm

Pieces: Comes as a pack of 5pcs, all same size

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