Black Bristle Brush - Small - 5pcs

Bristle Strength: Stiff
Sale price$20.00 CAD


Description: By far, this Small Black Bristle Brush Stiff (Nylon) is my preferred choice for polishing. Of all the nylon brushes, these are the best quality available. They are long lasting, very ridged and have plenty of hairs. Their superior quality makes them worth the additional costs.

Use them by charging them with a polishing paste (charging is a fancy term for applying). Run them in your flex shaft, dremel, or any other rotary mill, and dip them in a polishing compound, such as diamond paste, chrome oxide, cerium oxide, etc. Do not cross contaminate your polishes. You'll need a different brush for each compound and particle size.

I often cut the bristles with scissors on bristle brushes to help them fit in tighter areas. Use good quality scissors and snip away.   

Made In: USA

Bristle Length: 9mm
Shaft Diameter: 2.2mm
Overall Length: 54mm
Weight: 2g

Material: Nylon

Pieces: Pack of 5

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