Lapidary Arbor Wheel - Side Plated - Drum Wheel

Grit: 600g
Wheel Diameter: 6"
Wheel Width: 1.5"
Sale price$170.00 CAD


Description: These steel hub wheels can run at a max speed of 3000 rpm, twice as fast as the sponge back and rubber expansion wheels. These are an advanced wheel type for those that are doing more than classic cabochons.

I love these wheels for doing edge work, because they are the only ones with side plating. Making hearts, Crosses, or carving V-Grooves is so much easier with these. The fine grits such as 600g and 1200g are especially good for this as they make nice clean lines without chipping. The Steel hub helps the finer grits cut. Because even though the particle size is fine, the corners will remove stock much faster than the face.

Made In: China

Arbor Diameter: 25mm(1inch) in original- comes with 3 plastic reduces which can change the arbor to 19mm(3/4inch), 16mm(5/8inch), and 13mm(1/2inch).
Side Plating:
Hub: Plastic
Diamond Coating: Plated
Wheel Type: Steel Drum

Quantity: 1 wheel and 3 bushings to reduce arbor size

Recommended RPM: 1600 to 3500

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