Foredom Magnet - Motor Bushing

Sale price$15.00 CAD


Description: These replacement bushings fit all the Foredom motors we sell. They are incredibly easy to swap. On the side of your Foredom, you'll see a black plastic screw that requires a flat head screwdriver. Untwist it and pull the spring out. You'll notice that the magnet inside is worn down. Replace it with this one. I promise you, it is the easiest maintenance thing ever.
Swapping out the magnets is necessary on Foredoms because grinding stone has a lot of resistance, and wears down the magnets. Cheap fix and makes your tool last a lifetime. They are designed this way to keep the motor from burning out.

Made In: China

Dimensions of 1 magnet
: 4.5cm x 0.5cm x 0.5cm 
Weight of 1 magnet and spring: 1.6g

Quantity: Set of 2 magnets w springs (one for each side of the motor).

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