Chip Stud - Earring (Single)

Color: Red
Sale price$5.00 CAD


Product Title: Single chip stud earing (Not sold as pairs)

Designed in: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Designer: Broken Ox Creations
Country of Origin: Canada

Year of Release: 2020
Stone Type: Assorted gemstone varieties
Metal Type: Solid Sterling Silver

How Its Made: These single stud earrings are made well. We actually drill the stones partially like pearls, and then set sterling silver studs in them. Sterling silver wont react with your ears and turn them green. It is a good quality metal. By drilling the stones, it allows the molecular bond (glue) to affix permanently without being able to be pried or ripped off.

The single studs are assorted because we use off cuts and scraps from our manufacturing, and try to get some last life out of them. When rocks are spalling in the tumbler, the chips end up tumbled as well. 
We have another product with paired versions. But these are the miscellaneous ones that are left behind.

Care: Oxidized sterling silver can be wiped with a jewelry polishing cloth. You can also wash the with any kind of soap and water.

Pieces Made:  2020/ 100pcs

Weight: 1g
Approximate Dimensions: 14mm x 4.6mm x 5.5mm

Quantity: 1 piece (not paired)

WARRANTY: All jewelry pieces sold by Broken Ox Creations are covered for 60 days. If the stone falls out, or a solder joint fails, send it back to us and we will cover the repair and return shipping (both ways) free of charge. However, if the jewelry piece is assessed and the act that has caused the requirement for repair proves to be negligence on the customers behalf, repair and return shipping will be quoted to the customer.

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