Petrified Wood Bookends - Fossil

Size: 1.5-2kg
Quality: Standard
Sale price$90.00 CAD


Mined from: Indonesia 

Era: Cenozoic
Geological Age: 66mya

Description: In the late Tertiary period, blankets of rainforest surrounding volcanos were plentiful. After volcanic eruption, these trees were buried with ash and lava eliminating any microbes that would rot the wood.
The wood was then replaced with silica-rich minerals such as quartz, jasper, calcite, and chalcedony. The colours found in the wood come from an assortment of trace minerals. Maganese creates blue and black colours while traces of iron give the brown and orange colours. 

Approximate Size of 1 pair: 17.5cm x 12cm x 5cm 
Approximate Weight of 1 pair: 1.5-2kg

Approximate Size of 1 pair: 24cm x 14cm x 4.5cm
Approximate Weight of 1 pair: 2-2.5kg

Quantity: 1pc

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