Golden Pinolith - Rough

Price per: Gram
Sale price$0.10 CAD


Origin: Golden, BC, Canada

Description: Originally, the only known source in the world for this rock was Austria. When it first hit the market, people loved it for the patterns inside. Sadly, over time, the quality that came out of there became poorer and crumbled. This caused the biggest suppliers of rough to stop wanting to buy it.

In Golden, British Columbia, a new site was discovered around 2018. It is near a gold mine, and the Pinolith (Pinolite) coming out of there is fantastic quality for cutting as lapidary material. It is soft, like marble- so it cuts quickly.

If you're lucky, some even have small pyrite crystals in them.

Chemical Composition: MgCO 3 (magnesium carbonate), CaMg(CO 3 ) 2 (dolomite)
Grade: Lapidary Grade
Appearance: Opaque

Cracks: Some
Mineral: Minimal- weathering

Cost per Gram: $0.15
Size range: Medium to Large

Rough is rough. We do our best to grade and describe pieces in the lot, but ultimately, they all differ.

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