Thumler Model B - 15lb Heavy Duty Rock Tumbler

Machine: Tumbler without Starter Grit
Sale price$490.00 CAD


Description: This is my most highly recommended rock tumbler. The barrel is large, so after waiting a month for the rocks to tumble, you'll get a large yield out of it. 
The hexagonal shape helps pick up the rocks better and create the slope inside that actually "tumbles" the stone.
The barrel will not wear out, unlike Lortone tumblers that have a textured rubber barrel that loses its grip after a few years.
USA made means it comes with factory warranty, and is reliable. The metal barrel is rubber lined to reduce noise.
Runs on standard 110v outlets (standard North American household).
Best bang for your buck because it is the first step into commercial grade, which provides much higher quality than most other tumblers.

Made In: Washington, USA

Barrel Capacity: 15lb

Tumbler Size (Base and barrel together): 28cm x 28cm x 28cm
Weight (Base and barrel together): 6200g

Material: Rubber, Stainless Steel

Quantity: 1 Base with motor, 1 barrel, Instructions. Ie: 1 fully functional tumbler.

Rocks not included.

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