Raw Blue Apatite

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OriginAnosy region, Madagascar

Chakra: Throat

Made of: A phosphate mineral that's found in nature, tooth enamel, bone mineral and moon rocks from the moon.  

Forming: It can form in sedimentary processes, metamorphic processes, hydrothermal vents and igneous process. 

Care: Use a soft cloth with mild soap and room temperature water. Dry with a soft cloth. 

Health: Helps to reduce frustration, irritability and awaken your inner self. It will help to broaden knowledge and truth. 

Relationships: Awakening your inner self, it will aid in deepening meditation and support your manifestation for the future. 

Success: An excellent stone for your office or home desk, it will increase focus, quick thinking and productivity.

The right stone will intuitively be selected for you. 

Fun fact: Apatite is radioactive. Of course it is minimal and harmless, however, a geiger counter will notice it.

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