Aragonite Cluster - Morocco

Size: Mini
Sale price$3.00 CAD


Origin: Morocco

Chakra: Root 

Mineral Family: Calcium Carbonate

These Aragonite clusters remind me of miniature explosions. They are an incredibly affordable mineral/ crystal type with a complex structure. Crystals "burst" out in all directions.

Forming: Calcium and carbon are common on the Earth's surface and they arrange together often through precipitation and pressure. For lack of better words... it take copious amounts of energy to form something other than calcium carbonate, hence why its prevalent not only in the inorganic world of rocks... but also as the chemical basis of seashells- but rearranged with a different crystalline structure.

Care: Use compressed air to remove dust. Do not get wet.


Health: Helping to boost self-confidence, increase energy, calm nerves, relieve emotional fatigue, stress and fear. 

Relationships: Bring clarity through more tolerance, trust and insight that has been the root of problems. 

Success: Provide insight into difficult issues, it will help to clear the mind, stimulate motivation and promote reliability.

Size Range

Small: Height: 1.2cm Width: 1.5cm

You will get to pick the size and the right stone will intuitively be selected for you.

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