Diamond Powder

Grit: 400
Sale price$30.00 CAD


Product Title: Loose Synthetic Diamond Powder for Polishing Stone

Tips & Tricks: Diamond powder is the most effective abrasive currently available on the market. For polishing, it must be mixed with a grease. The magic formula is:

1 part Vaseline

1 part Floor wax

0.2 parts diamond dust

Diamond Dust can also be added to economy based polishes to increase the diamond quantity, thus making it more effective.

It can be used with oil or water based polishes. Synthetic diamond is actually more effective than genuine, and cleaner for the environment.

Made In: China

Grit: (Optional)

W40-320 grit

W28-400 grit
W20-600 grit
W14-800 grit
W10-1000 grit
W7-1500 grit
W5-2000 grit
W3.5-2500 grit
W3-3000 grit
W2.5-4000 grit
W1.5-5000 grit
W1-8000 grit
W0.5-10000 grit

Total weight: 20g (100crt)

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