Black Mica Flakes - Mineral

Quality: Standard
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Mined from: Ontario, Canada

Description: Black mica, also known as biotite, is a mica mineral characterized by its dark coloration and metallic pearly luster. Black mica is a phyllosilicate mineral belonging to the mica group. Its chemical composition typically includes potassium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen, and varying amounts of iron and other elements. Structurally, it consists of thin, sheet-like layers that easily cleave along flat planes, giving it a characteristic flaky appearance. 

Black mica is believed to resonate strongly with the root chakra, helping to ground and stabilize individuals, especially during times of change or upheaval. It is thought to promote a sense of security, inner strength, and resilience, allowing individuals to feel more rooted and connected to the earth. Black mica is often used in spiritual practices to create a protective shield around the aura and physical body. It is believed to absorb and transmute negative energies, providing a sense of safety and protection from psychic attacks or negative influences.

Chemical Composition: K(Mg,Fe)3(AlSi3O10)(OH,F)2

Chakra: Root

Approximate Size of 1 Piece: 25mm x 30mm x 1/2mm
Approximate Weight of 1 Piece: 3.5g

Quantity: 1pc

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