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Braided Cord - SpoolBraided Cord - Spool
China Braided Cord - Spool
Sale priceFrom $15.00 CAD
LED Light Base - DisplayLED Light Base - Display
China LED Light Base - Display
Sale price$15.00 CAD
Rattail Cord - SpoolRattail Cord - Spool
China Rattail Cord - Spool
Sale price$15.00 CAD
Keychain Blank - 5pcKeychain Blank - 5pc
China Keychain Blank - 5pc
Sale price$7.50 CAD
Crystal - StickersCrystal - Stickers
China Crystal - Stickers
Sale priceFrom $1.00 CAD
Pipettes - 2pc - Gold PanningPipettes - 2pc - Gold Panning
Squeeze Bottle - Gold PanningSqueeze Bottle - Gold Panning
Sandpaper Mandrel - Cone Shape - 5pcSandpaper Mandrel - Cone Shape - 5pc
Lapis Lazuli - PenLapis Lazuli - Pen
China Lapis Lazuli - Pen
Sale priceFrom $60.00 CAD
Achromatic Magnifying Lens - 20x ZoomAchromatic Magnifying Lens - 20x Zoom
Redwood Sphere Stand - DisplayRedwood Sphere Stand - Display
Model A Drive Shaft - Thumler PartModel A Drive Shaft - Thumler Part
Estwing Hammer Sheath - LeatherEstwing Hammer Sheath - Leather
Diamond - Hand Pads (Economy)Diamond - Hand Pads (Economy)
China Diamond - Hand Pads (Economy)
Sale price$15.00 CAD
Collets For Dremel - Sleeve Inserts - 10pcCollets For Dremel - Sleeve Inserts - 10pc
Mineral Hardness Test (French)Mineral Hardness Test (French)
U.S.A. Mineral Hardness Test (French)
Sale priceFrom $45.00 CAD
Diamond Rubber Abrasive - Bullet PointDiamond Rubber Abrasive - Bullet Point
Lapidary Core Drill Set - 10pcs (3-50mm)Lapidary Core Drill Set - 10pcs (3-50mm)
Wooden Ring Box - TriangleWooden Ring Box - Triangle
China Wooden Ring Box - Triangle
Sale price$25.00 CAD
The Canadian Rockhound MagazineThe Canadian Rockhound Magazine
ROCK & GEM: MagazineROCK & GEM: Magazine
U.S.A. ROCK & GEM: Magazine
Sale price$3.00 CAD
GEMS and Minerals: Jewelry Making MagazineGEMS and Minerals: Jewelry Making Magazine
Spinning - Burr HolderSpinning - Burr Holder
China Spinning - Burr Holder
Sale price$45.00 CAD
GEMS and Minerals MagazineGEMS and Minerals Magazine
U.S.A. GEMS and Minerals Magazine
Sale price$3.00 CAD
Wood Ring Box - DisplayWood Ring Box - Display
China Wood Ring Box - Display
Sale price$15.00 CAD
Logo - StickersLogo - Stickers
BC, Canada Logo - Stickers
Sale price$2.00 CAD
Thumler Model T - Rock TumblerThumler Model T - Rock Tumbler
Light Bulb (Salt Lamp)Light Bulb (Salt Lamp)
China Light Bulb (Salt Lamp)
Sale price$8.00 CAD
Rubber Abrasive Cylinder - 5pcRubber Abrasive Cylinder - 5pc
Wooden Tripod - StandWooden Tripod - Stand
India Wooden Tripod - Stand
Sale price$30.00 CAD
Salt Lamp - Light CordSalt Lamp - Light Cord
China Salt Lamp - Light Cord
Sale price$20.00 CAD
Selenite Lamp - LED BaseSelenite Lamp - LED Base
China Selenite Lamp - LED Base
Sale priceFrom $17.50 CAD
Selenite Lamp - Floral - LED BaseSelenite Lamp - Floral - LED Base
Notched Rim Diamond - Saw BladeNotched Rim Diamond - Saw Blade
Wall Mount Display - Pocket BackingsWall Mount Display - Pocket Backings
Metal Grinding Burr Set - 6pcsMetal Grinding Burr Set - 6pcs
Rectangle - Lapidary Sanding StickRectangle - Lapidary Sanding Stick
Triangle - Lapidary Sanding StickTriangle - Lapidary Sanding Stick
Round - Lapidary Sanding StickRound - Lapidary Sanding Stick
Birthstone Chart - Poster
BC, Canada Birthstone Chart - Poster
Sale priceFrom $25.00 CAD
Super Thin Diamond - Lapidary Saw BladeSuper Thin Diamond - Lapidary Saw Blade
Lost Wax/ Thread Burning Portable Soldering Iron - SmithingLost Wax/ Thread Burning Portable Soldering Iron - Smithing
Jump Ring Closer - SmithingJump Ring Closer - Smithing
China Jump Ring Closer - Smithing
Sale price$5.00 CAD
Acrylic Swoop - Display StandAcrylic Swoop - Display Stand
China Acrylic Swoop - Display Stand
Sale priceFrom $2.00 CAD

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