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I think everyone understands the mysticism of what's out there when we peer up into the sky. Whether it be the beauty of the stars twinkling, the vastness, or the thought of others and all the sci-fi that comes from just looking up- Outer space presents me with a myriad of options to inspire my designs.


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U.F.O. - PendantU.F.O. - Pendant
U.F.O. - Pendant
Sale priceFrom $115.00 CAD
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Moon - EarringMoon - Earring
Moon - Earring
Sale price$40.00 CAD
Alien - RingAlien - Ring
Alien - Ring
Sale price$650.00 CAD
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Shooting Star - RingShooting Star - Ring
Shooting Star - Ring
Sale priceFrom $980.00 CAD
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Satellite Over Earth - PendantSatellite Over Earth - Pendant
Satellite Over Earth - Pendant
Sale priceFrom $185.00 CAD
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Rocket Ship Over Saturn - PendantRocket Ship Over Saturn - Pendant
Rocket Ship Over Saturn - Pendant
Sale price$150.00 CAD
Rocket Ship & Shooting Star - PendantRocket Ship & Shooting Star - Pendant
Sale price$145.00 CAD
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Comet - PendantComet - Pendant
Comet - Pendant
Sale priceFrom $110.00 CAD

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Tribal Hulk - PendantTribal Hulk - Pendant
BC, Canada Tribal Hulk - Pendant
Sale price$420.00 CAD
Devil Mask - PendantDevil Mask - Pendant
BC, Canada Devil Mask - Pendant
Sale price$220.00 CAD
Broken Heart - PendantBroken Heart - Pendant
BC, Canada Broken Heart - Pendant
Sale price$175.00 CAD
Twig & BC Agate - PendantTwig & BC Agate - Pendant
BC, Canada Twig & BC Agate - Pendant
Sale priceFrom $160.00 CAD
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