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We pride ourselves on having the fairest prices around while stocking the most diverse selection of Fossils and Crystals you can imagine. It is my personal guarantee that you'll find items in our rock shop you've never even heard of before. With new stock arriving weekly, we have anything and everything you'd want in store. From large home décor, to small things for the kids - and everything sparkly in-between.

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Tanzanite - Mineral SpecimenTanzanite - Mineral Specimen
Tanzania Tanzanite - Mineral Specimen
Sale price$1,200.00 CAD
Blue Barite - Mineral SpecimenBlue Barite - Mineral Specimen
Romania Blue Barite - Mineral Specimen
Sale price$1,750.00 CAD
Blue Barite - Mineral SpecimenBlue Barite - Mineral Specimen
Romania Blue Barite - Mineral Specimen
Sale price$2,500.00 CAD
Champagne Topaz - Mineral SpecimenChampagne Topaz - Mineral Specimen
Heliodor - Mineral SpecimenHeliodor - Mineral Specimen
Ukraine Heliodor - Mineral Specimen
Sale price$980.00 CAD
Ethiopian Opal - Mineral SpecimenEthiopian Opal - Mineral Specimen
Australia Boulder Opal Puzzle - Mineral SpecimenAustralia Boulder Opal Puzzle - Mineral Specimen
Libyan Desert Glass - Mineral SpecimenLibyan Desert Glass - Mineral Specimen
Green Halite - Mineral SpecimenGreen Halite - Mineral Specimen
Poland Green Halite - Mineral Specimen
Sale price$1,500.00 CAD
Black Dogtooth Calcite - Mineral SpecimenBlack Dogtooth Calcite - Mineral Specimen
Fluorite on Calcite - Mineral SpecimenFluorite on Calcite - Mineral Specimen
Oreodont Skull - SpecimenOreodont Skull - Specimen
Mammoth Tooth - Fossil SpecimenMammoth Tooth - Fossil Specimen
Anchisaurus Middletown Connecticut (Pair) - SpecimenAnchisaurus Middletown Connecticut (Pair) - Specimen
Bi-Colour Topaz- SpecimenBi-Colour Topaz- Specimen
Ukraine Bi-Colour Topaz- Specimen
Sale price$1,300.00 CAD
Amethyst Crystal - Sphere SpecimenAmethyst Crystal - Sphere Specimen
Skutterudite - SpecimenSkutterudite - Specimen
Morocco Skutterudite - Specimen
Sale price$1,750.00 CAD
Coltraneia Trilobite - SpecimenColtraneia Trilobite - Specimen
Morocco Coltraneia Trilobite - Specimen
Sale price$1,650.00 CAD