Anahit - Organic Ring

Size (US): 6.75
Sale price$113.00 USD


Description: Anahit is based off one of my very first type of ring patterns I ever carved. The First carvings I made were massive, In fact, the first ring of this design I carved weighed about 2 ounces. Since then, I have learnt so much and improved to the point where this ring has barely any weight to it and goes almost unnoticed while being worn because of how comfy it is.
Others will definitely notice it though because of the deep cut channels that catch the light and the various planished surfaces that reflect it back at all angles. It is a wonderful design for anyone that wants an everyday ring that matches any outfit and looks good without being a statement piece.

Designed in: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Designer: Broken Ox Creations
Year of Release: 2023

Metal Type: Sterling Silver

Ring Size (US): 9
: 5.95g
Dimensions: 2cm  x  2cm  x  1cm

Quantity: 1 piece 

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