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I cut gemstones, work precious metals and make everything you see here. Fabrication is a process of self discovery. The amount of steps/ techniques in a project and the pace at which we can perform them as artists are testaments to the efforts we have expended to hone what it means to be human.

To exercise an extension of ourselves to the utmost affordability is the very nature of fabricating character; and so here you may see gems and jewels, but if you look deeper – you'll see that art is part of the soul.


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Tribal Hulk - PendantTribal Hulk - Pendant
BC, Canada Tribal Hulk - Pendant
Sale price$420.00 CAD
Devil Mask - PendantDevil Mask - Pendant
BC, Canada Devil Mask - Pendant
Sale price$220.00 CAD
Goopies w Stone Stud - EarringGoopies w Stone Stud - Earring
Goopies w Stone Stud - EarringGoopies w Stone Stud - Earring
Twig & BC Agate - PendantTwig & BC Agate - Pendant
BC, Canada Twig & BC Agate - Pendant
Sale priceFrom $160.00 CAD
Zababa - Organic RingZababa - Organic Ring
BC, Canada Zababa - Organic Ring
Sale price$125.00 CAD
Heimdall - Organic RingHeimdall - Organic Ring
BC, Canada Heimdall - Organic Ring
Sale price$150.00 CAD
Anahit - Organic RingAnahit - Organic Ring
BC, Canada Anahit - Organic Ring
Sale price$150.00 CAD
Mangala - Organic RingMangala - Organic Ring
BC, Canada Mangala - Organic Ring
Sale price$145.00 CAD
Hachiman - Organic RingHachiman - Organic Ring
BC, Canada Hachiman - Organic Ring
Sale price$175.00 CAD
Tumble Stone - NecklaceTumble Stone - Necklace
BC, Canada Tumble Stone - Necklace
Sale priceFrom $15.00 CAD
Rhodonite Chip Stud - Earrings (Pair)Rhodonite Chip Stud - Earrings (Pair)

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