How Does It Work?

Since 2017, Rubble Rock and Gem has had a small team of expert cutters working exclusively for us. Each cutter has close to 20 years experience in their cutting style. We specialize in cutting facets, cabochons and beads.

We make it as easy as possible by allowing you to ship your stone to us in USA or Canada, as well as dropping them off at our Vancouver location. Accompany the stones with instructions so that we may review your requests and instruct our cutters accordingly.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price you pay is for the final yield. Estimate a quarter of your material back in finished weight.

Example: If you send 1000 carats of rough. You will get about 250 crts back. Your cutting cost is based on that yield (250 crts). So, if you’re getting faceting done at $1per crt. Your cutting cost is $250 + all your shipping/ import costs.

Facet/Cabochon Prices will go here

Note: These are the standard prices, but problem cutting or extra work (such as smaller stones) may increase the price.

Final Notes

Take a few photos of the stone you’re sending, as evidence.

Keep copies of your packing slip (shipping form), as well as your cutting instructions.

Send me an email notifying me that you have posted stones to me, and include the above info in the email, as well as the package you are sending me. Bonuses are optional once stone is returned. (I keep none of the bonus- it all goes to the cutter as a fair trade incentive).


  • I do not use child labour.
  • Hand cutting means that a mast is not used in faceting, although the facets will line up well, they will not be perfect. If you have anything better than semi precious, I seriously recommend precision machine cutting done in Thailand.
  • I reserve the right to request a minimum service charge of $100 on any order.