Rubble Rock and Gem is happy to offer identification and appraisal services to anyone wanting to know more about their stones. For the best results, always call ahead before visiting and ask if Adam (the owner) is in that day as he is the expert. Adam can often identify the stone, the country of origin and will know the wholesale and retail price points just by looking at the rock. With the other employees, we can not guarantee they will know the stone.

Please note: Any requests for identification or appraisal that do not follow this process will simply be ignored. This is because of the daily emails requesting free identification and appraisal without regard for the value of our time. Thank you for your understanding.

Stone Identification

In-Store for Customers

As a courtesy to all our customers, we are happy to identify your stones in person at our store for FREE- as long as you're buying something at the time. Please, keep it to 3 stones or less. If you have more than 3, we will charge you a service fee of $5 per stone for identification.

In-Store for Non-Customers

If you don't need any more rocks in your life and you just want to know what you have, give us a good Google review as a trade and we will be happy to identify a few of your stones for free. Or, pay a small fee of $5 per stone for identification services.


Please follow the link to our online submission page. Identifications are $5 per stone. Please take clear photos. Failure to provide adequate photos in focus and good lighting will result in poor identification and will not be subject to a refund. The more photos the better. Help me help you.

Purchase Online Identification Here

Stone Appraisal & Authentication


Stone appraisal will always be a service requiring compensation. An appointment with Adam (the owner) is necessary. Please be advised that any appraisal given by Rubble Rock And Gem will not be useful for insurance purposes. To be blunt, I have no formal accreditation. My expertise comes from hands on experience. I have dug at over 300 different mines. Cut and processed over a thousand gemstones with my own hands. Am an expert jeweler. Own a factory in India (since 2018) that processes gemstones for various clients including many mines, and am currently heavily invested in the gem and mineral trade buying and selling over a hundred tons of stone each year. It is almost certain I'll know what your rocks are as well as their retail and wholesale value- but I can't “put a stamp on it”.

Service Fees:
  • $20 to $40 for a single stone.
  • $40 to $200 for small batches (under 30 stones)
  • $200+ for large batches (over 30 stones)
If I don't know it, I don't charge you.


Currently not offered at this time.

Please, No


We do not identify or appraise any meteorites. We get a call every week from someone that “found a meteorite”. Kindly, If it was in the middle of a field with no other similar stones around it, it is called an “erratic” and was pushed there by glaciers thousands of years ago. If a magnet sticks to it and it has iron in it, please note that iron is the second most abundant element on the earth's surface. There are many rocks that look like meteorites- statistically, the one you found is not. If you are still determined to believe you have found a meteorite, please contact the UBC geology department.

Metal Ores

Rocks that need to be crushed and assayed to determine if gold is present can not be visually inspected to determine ore types within.


Rubble Rock And Gem specializes in minerals, crystals, and gemstones. Regular rock that looks like it came from your driveway needs to either stay in your drive way, or be brought to a geologist.