Minerals and fossils are awesome in and of themselves, but… sometimes they would just look a little bit nicer if they were propped up or tilted just a bit in one direction. Here at Rubble Rock, we can make that happen for you! No rock is too big, no design is too complex. We can make it happen.

Stand Varieties We Offer

(Please note prices are for custom stand manufacturing only, and do not include the rock price).

Wall Mount

Under 50lbs $300 to $500
50lbs to 100lbs $500 to $750
Over 100lbs Please Inquire

Specimen Stand

Under 20lbs $300 to $600
20lbs to 50lbs $450 to $700
Over 50lbs Please Inquire

Coffee Tables

Approximately $2500 With Glass

Do you need something entirely custom-made just for you? Do you have a design in mind we don’t offer? Want your crystal as a figurehead on the prow of your sailboat? Call us to discuss and we will provide you with a quote.

How Stands Are Made

We use low carbon mild steel for pieces to be kept inside, and stainless steel for outside structures. We can combine flat bar, round stock and any other forms you or we find aesthetically pleasing to create a high quality, weight-bearing structure. All stands are made here in Vancouver, from start to finish. Normally, the final piece is painted black to help prevent rust.

The Process

Produce your own design and explain it to us, and then call, email, or come in to discuss.  We will work with you to create the best design for the stone.

Time Frame

Depending on workload, 2 weeks to 1 month.


We do our best to protect the stones as we make the stands. If the rock was:

Purchased from Rubble Rock and Gem, not taken delivery:

Some scratches here and there may occur, and this is just considered part of the process. Even crystal points may be susceptible to damage. We will do our best to prevent any breakage, but please be aware that no reimbursement will occur for minor damage. If the stone (purchased from us and kept onsite) has been broken to such a degree that it is ruined, we will cover the full cost of the stone.

Purchased from Rubble Rock and Gem, taken delivery, or purchased elsewhere: 

Due to the nature of some stones, we cannot warranty any stones bought from another source, as we cannot guarantee their structure. We will make stands for them, but if any damage occurs to them, including full breakage, be advised that we will not be held liable.

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