Here's where you jeweler types are going to want to plan to spend your day visiting my store. 

I began as a stone cutter, so I have an extensive knowledge of cabochon styles, quality and, well: let’s just say I live and breathe stone cutting. I try to offer you options. I have many types of cabochons, as well as cut shapes. I have what you could call a divided stock, between those cut in North America, most often by myself or other local stonecutters I support. Alongside these cabs, you will also find stones cut overseas. I visit other countries multiple times a year to source these stones. Sometimes I buy ready-made; other times, I contract cutters to work for me. If any of the thousands of cabochons in the showroom do not appeal to you, we provide custom cutting.

Faceted Stones

You know, there aren't a lot of us that set these. It took me years to appreciate them. But now, I can't make a piece without one. Gemstones, whether small or big, are a bold statement in artisan jewelry. I carry semi precious and Precious. That means- everything from $1 amethysts to high end emeralds and sapphires. I catour to many crowds, but the finest gems should be purchased from reputable gemologists. I tend more towards the art of it all, so I have had some very unorthodox stone faceted. you'll find our local jade, carnelions, botswana agate, petrified woods, and more among the conventional smokey quartz, amethyst, aquamarines and opals. I am a patron of our provincial stones, and thus, you will find Whistler quartz, black and yellow agates, and other local stones dug by myself or mining friends.

I have many larger stones, fancy cut, standard cut, as well as small stones, as low as .5mm rounds.


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