10kt Gold Plated Princess Cut - Pendant

Stone Type: (Red) Garnet
Sale price$45.00 CAD


Description: This pendant is 10kt gold plated and includes a chain. There are two small pendants attached with one being cubic zirconia and the other being Garnet, Topaz, or Peridot. These pendants are great for gifts and have a classic look to them. The chain is resizable. 

Country of Manufacture: India 

Stone Type
Garnet - Red
Topaz - Blue
Peridot - Green

White - Cubic Zirconia

Metal Type: Sterling Silver with 10kt Plated Gold

Approximate size of 1 piece: 5mm x 5mm x 3mm
Length of chain: 20cm - 22cm 
Approximate weight of 1 piece: 3g

Quantity: 1 Pendant (chain included)

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