300 Grit Diamond Burr - 50 Pc Set

Grit: 300g
Sale price$42.00 USD


Product Title: Diamond Plated Rotary Burr - box set - 300 Grit - 50 Pieces

Description: These Finer grit points are excellent for sanding stage and removing the coarse grinding scratches and chips. They prepare the workpiece well for pre-polish stage. For use with motor tools, drills, and flex shafts.

Made In: China

Head Size: Assorted Head Shapes Include Sphere, Cylinder, Flame, wheel, inverted cone, etc.
Shaft Diameter1/8" (3mm) shank 
Overall Length: 45mm
Case Size: 11cm x 10cm x 5.5cm
Weight of Set: 261g

Grit: 300

Pieces: 50 

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