Acrylic Display Stand

Size: Small (6cm)
Quantity: Single Stand
Sale price$2.50 CAD


Description: These acrylic stands are a stable in the rock and gem world.

The 6cm stands are essentially slab stands for polished slabs. They work well for displaying other items too, such as fern fossils in shale, etc.  really, anything flat.

I recommend the small (6cm) ones over the large. The large ones, being plastic tend to not hold the weight as well as metal, especially when the rocks get that large enough to fit on them


Length: 6cm  Width: 6cm  Height: 6cm

Distance Between Pegs: 6cm

Weight: 8g


Length: 13cm Width: 14cm  Height: 14cm

Distance Between Pegs: 14cm

Weight: 40g

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