Amazonite - Bangle

Size: 5.5cm
Quality: Standard
Sale price$90.00 CAD


DescriptionAmazonite, also known as "Amazon Stone" was treasured by the ancient Egyptians who made beautiful jewelry, ornamental pieces and carved important texts into this stone. Amazonite has always been prized for its beauty and healing power. Amazonite is believed to have many metaphysical powers. Similar to jade, amazonite is associated with money, luck and overall success. It's known as the "gambler's stone," encouraging good luck and fortune. 
Amazonite is a soothing stone that helps calm the nervous system. Amazonite helps with emotions, alleviates frustration, and aggravated situations. Amazonite enhances communication to navigate through thoughts and feelings. Amazonite attracts new customers to a business and helps with new opportunities.

Country of Manufacture: China
Stone Mined from: Brazil

Stone Type: Amazonite

Approximate size of 1 piece
: 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 1.5cm
Approximate size of inner diameter: 5.5cm
Approximate weight of 1 piece: 40g

Approximate size of 1 piece
: 7cm x 7cm x 1cm
Approximate size of inner diameter: 6cm
Approximate weight of 1 piece
: 60g

Quantity: 1pc

We do our best to buy quality products- although not every piece of jewelry is the same. If you choose to purchase the "staff pick option", we will select the best of the batch for you. Otherwise, it will be at random from the larger batch we have in stock.

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