Bi-Colour Topaz- Specimen

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Mined from: Volodarsk-Volynskii, Ukraine

Description: Polychrome (bi-color) topaz are rare natural gems that are found exclusively in the Volyn deposit in Ukraine. These stones can have a variety of different shades in one crystal. A stone of love and good fortune , it helps to attain one's goals in life. Assists with eye diseases and the nervous system.

Chemical Composition: Al2(F,OH)2SiO4

Chakra: Third Eye and Throat Chakra

Approximate Size for 1 piece: 4.5cm x 5cm x 4cm
Approximate Weight for 1 piece: 102g

Quantity: 1pc

With this product, you will get the actual stone in the photograph. We do what we can to buy good quality products and price them honestly. The rocks may differ from the photos, but we hope we do them justice.

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