Black Tourmaline - Power Point

Size: Small
Quality: Standard
Sale price$25.00 CAD


Mined from: Brazil

Description: Black Tourmaline is a powerful protective and grounding stone. Black Tourmaline will dispel any negative energy in your auric field as well as the environment around you. Black Tourmaline encourages clear thinking, focus, and is helpful while travelling or in your car to protect you from any accidents or misfortunes from happening. Black Tourmaline is very effective in relieving stress and it also detoxifies the body and mind. 

Chemical Composition: SiO2

Chakra: Root 

Approximate Size of 1 piece: 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 6cm
Approximate Weight of 1 piece: 183g

Approximate Size of 1 piece: 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 10cm
Approximate Weight of 1 piece: 508g

Quantity: 1pc

We do our best to buy quality products- although not every rock is the same. If you choose to purchase the "staff pick option", we will select the best of the batch for you. Otherwise, it will be at random from the larger batch we have in stock.

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