Botryoidal Hematite - Morocco

Grade: A
Sale price$20.00 CAD


OriginIrhoud Mine, Safi Province, Morocco


Chemical CompositionFe2O3

Made of: A form of Iron oxide mineral.

FormingBotryoidal minerals form when many nearby nuclei, specks of sand, dust, or other particles, are present. Acicular or fibrous crystals grow radially around the nuclei at the same rate, appearing as spheres. Eventually, these spheres abut or overlap with those that are nearby.

Hematite can crystallize during the differentiation of a magma or precipitate from hydrothermal fluids moving through a rock mass. It can also form during contact metamorphism when hot magmas react with adjacent rocks. 

Care: Use a soft cloth with mild soap and room temperature water. Dry with a soft cloth. 

Health: A powerful stone to protect from negative influences and low vibration sources. It transmutes negative into positive.  

Size approximately: 59mm x 49mm x 35mm 
Weight: 156g

Grade A will be staff picked as a more aesthetic piece. The piece may shine brighter, or show more of the bubbles. It could also be larger. Grade B will be the commercial grade.

You will get to pick the grade and the right stone will intuitively be selected for you.

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