BC Jade Stud - Earrings

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How Its Made: These stud earrings are made well. We actually drill the stones partially, and then glue the sterling silver posts into them.
Cheap versions of this, made by other "jewelers", just have a post glued onto the back of a polished stone and they break the first time they are worn because they are not made to last. Ive had one of these in my ear for 5 years, with my dreadlocks catching on it and everything... its still in there.

We set these the same way pearls are set.
The stone chips will never match identically, as they are all pulled from our tumble processing when assessed to be good fit for ear studs. i.e. they are random tumble stones that we pair up later.

Designed in: Vancouver, BC
Designer: Broken Ox Creations
Country of Manufacture: Canada
Year of Release: 2019

Stone Type: BC Nephrite Jade
Metal Type: Sterling Silver

Care: Oxidized sterling silver can be wiped with a jewelry polishing cloth.

Pieces Made:
Sterling: 2019    1/30pairs

Weight: 2g
Dimensions of the stud: H 1cm x W 1cm x D 1.5cm

WARRANTY: All jewelry pieces sold by Broken Ox Creations are covered for 60 days. If the stone falls out, or a solder joint fails, send it back to us and we will cover the repair and return shipping (both ways) free of charge. However, if the jewelry piece is assessed and the act that has caused the requirement for repair proves to be negligence on the customers behalf, repair and return shipping will be quoted to the customer.

Because of the nature of how these are made, each set will be slightly different, but we do our best to match them, as you can see in the photos.

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