Bumblebee Jasper Cube

Size: 4cm
Sale price$55.00 CAD


Origin: Primarily found in Papandayan Volcano, West Java Province, Indonesia.

ChakraSacral and Solar Plexus.

Made of: A mix of volcanic matter, sulfur, hematite, arsenic, anhydrite, and many other minerals. Since it does not contain quartz, it is technically not part of the Jasper family.

Forming: Bumblebee Jasper formation happens in cracks that are known as fumaroles, through which steam and gas can escape.

Care: Do not put it in water. Use a soft cloth and wipe it.

HealthBumblebee Jasper helps to promote joy and happiness while encouraging you to enjoy the small moments in life. It strives to have you be honest, especially with yourself. 

Relationships: With this stone you will focus on the future and no longer dwell on the past. It will support you being closer with your significant other and help you both realize what you mean to each other. 

Success: It helps promote success, mainly in career and business. This stone is a good fit for the self employed and freelancers.   

Size: 4cm x 4cm x 4cm
Weight: 165g

You will get to pick the size and the right stone will intuitively be selected for you.

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